The current stable release is 0.5.4, “Up”, released on December 15th, 2013. Changes in this release are:

 * Ensure thumbnail directory exists when saving thumbnails
 * Fix memory leak generating thumbnails from raw images
 * Add an appdata XML file for GNOME software center
 * Create a dedicated camera actions menu
 * Fix include of gexiv2 header files
 * Fix image selection for onion skinning in preview mode
 * Display selected image when cancelling preview
 * Fix empty tooltips on capture/preview buttons
 * Fix scaling for preview image in onion skinning mode
 * Increase emphasis of top image in onion skinning mode
 * Improve granularity of manual focus and add extra
   '<' and '>' key accelerators for coarse focus
 * Fix leak of image exiting preview mode
 * Make progress toolbar button permanently visible

All historical source archives (tar.gz) for the official releases are available for download at

Binary releases will be made available by your operating system distributor.

Ubuntu users can also find packages from GetDeb