The current stable release is 0.6.1, “Down”, released on Feb 5th, 2015. [gpg signature]

Releases are GPG signed with

    Key fingerprint: DAF3 A6FD B26B 6291 2D0E  8E3F BE86 EBB4 1510 4FDF (4096R)

Changes in this release are:

 * Require GTK >= 3.4
 * Fix check for GIO package in configure
 * Add missing icons to Makefile
 * Follow freedesktop thumbnail standard storage location
 * Refactor capture code to facilitate plugin script
 * Fix bug causing plugin to be displayed more than once
 * Make histogram height larger
 * Strip trailing '2' from widget labels to be more friendly
 * Completely rewrite control panel display to show a small,
   user configurable subset from all the camera controls.
 * Remember custom list of camera controls per camera model
 * Hide compiler warnings from new glib atomic opertaions
 * Update to newer gnulib compiler warnings code
 * Remove broken double buffering code that's no required
   when using GTK3
 * Remove use of deprecated GtkMisc APis
 * Allow camera picker list to show multiple lines
 * Remove crufty broken code from session browser that was
   breaking with new GTK versions
 * Disable libraw auto brightness since it totally overexposes
   many images, generally making things look worse
 * Fix memory leak handling camera events
 * Add keywords to desktop & appdata files

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