Social media

To follow news about Entangle and engage in discussion with other users of Entangle try the social media channels

Google+ Entangle Community Google Plus Community

Twitter #entanglephoto tag Twitter #entanglephoto hashtag

RSS RSS Feed for the developer blog

Mailing lists

To engage in discussions with the developers, whether for troubleshooting problems, discussing new features, or proposing patches / changes please use the primary mailing list!forum/entangle-devel

When submitting patches, it is preferable to use “git send-email” to ensure change history & authorship is preserved. It is preferrable to send patches inline to the mail body (but ensure your mail client doesn’t wordwrap lines), or to attach patches as text/plain

IRC channels

The Entangle developers can often be found on the OFTC IRC servers, in the #entangle channel. NB you are most likely to find someone in the channel in UK working hours (eg approximately 0900 -> 1800 GMT / BST). If no one is around to help, send email instead, or post to the Google Plus community.